The prompt of this 3 week personal project was to create a mobile app for a subscription based pet food service.
The product
The main goal for this project was to help people who struggle with technology use the app. My approach was to prioritize an edge case user and create features that would streamline the process for them.
To understand the problem I conducted a comparative analysis of the different pet food
services to see what they offered or what people online liked or disliked about the service. I then

interviewed 5 different pet owners to get insight into their experience buying pet food,
problems they have, and their general experience with subscription services. I then combined my
findings into key
pain points, personas, and a user journey for an edge case user.

In my research, I found that among people that use delivery and subscription services young/middle-age adults want convienence and economy, with regard to time and money spent, while elderly adults want convienence and reliability.
Research & Analysis